“Free State” ft. Bianca Walker

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“Lunch” ( house paint, drop clothe , flag , palm, and black rope) 3’5 x 5’

1.) Where are you from originally and how does that influence your artistry? 

Bianca: I’m originally from California , the Bay Area, so there was always art around me there’s some pretty incredible murals all over the city. So I’ve had the want and will to be a painter it was just a matter of finding a way.

2.) When did you start painting ?

Bianca: I used to paint all the time when I was younger for fun but it wasn’t until I got to my first year of college until I had any kind of training, that was around 2015 and I’ve been painting ever since.

3.) Where do you find inspiration for your work ?

Bianca: I find inspiration in archives usually. I like to comb them and study the photographs, our history makes me want to paint just because a lot of the information gained from the images I find isn’t common knowledge so I’m inspired to share that knowledge through the paintings.

4.) What is your work communicating ?

Bianca: My work communicates freedom. By painting these images that are typically associated with “struggle” in a manner that’s extremely different from typical idea of western painting that has always been so popular even in contemporary art. I think there is sometimes a misconception that when we portray these times it’s to capitalize off of a slave narrative but when we do it in opposition or even disassociation of white supremacy  there’s a beautiful history of knowledgeable people a history that shouldn’t be ignored because of white behavior but elevated in any way we can by our current freedoms.


“Flower Vendor III”

( house paint, drop clothe , flag , palm, and black rope) 6’x4’9 

5.) How has your style evolved over time ?

Bianca: I’ve gotten more abstract over time. I used to be a purely figurative painter and that got boring really fast so I deconstructed painting and it led me to eliminating the brush from my practice the dripping and raw materials just felt more natural to the medium.

6.) How does the current state of society effect your work ?

Bianca: There’s a lot of anger there. The splatters help express that raw emotion. I feel anger is policed a-lot in art especially , we can be angry as long as it’s pretty. So I don’t acknowledge pretty in my practice I approach it with honesty and you can see all these imperfections and immediacy in the paint because I let it be automatic as our feelings should be, not filtered.

7.) I was able to see your previous showing at the front gallery a few months ago. Amazing work. What was the title of that series and can you tell me more about it ?

Bianca: That series was titled All American the title is ironic because of how rare it is to be American for anyone and I think black American especially need to make that acknowledgement because our ally ship with each other is beyond borders which is why in that series I destroyed the flag and painted images of blackness outside of America


“Trip to market I” ( house paint on canvas, constructed with flag ,palm, and black rope) 

40’ x 36 ‘

8.) Your latest series is taking a more vibrant approach as opposed to your previous work which has a more serious tone. Can you tell me more about your latest work and the direction you are going this particular series?

Bianca: The current work is more vibrant and it’s a direct reflection of my mental state. My mental health as all black Americans is consistently a struggle and it reflects in the way that I color the paintings. The vibrancy is because I’m doing well however that could easily change and the colors will change with it. Im depicting black people, flower vendors, who seemed to be enjoying their work and I found joy in those images because I was doing the same while painting them.

9.)  I saw that you had a recent opening with “Band of Vices” in L.A. Congratulations on that. Can you tell me about the work in that showing and the over all experience ?

Bianca: The work of Band of Vices was incredible, a lot of seasoned artists took part in the show which gave me a learning experience, being the youngest artist there was a chance for me to soak in the surroundings and hear how people approached their crafts and incorporated their personal life experiences into their work which makes me take notice of what I’m doing now and how it may effect future artists.

10.)  What does “art above the law” mean to you ?

Bianca: Art above the law to me refers to the power of art. Law isn’t a real thing it’s always something someone decided to make one day and being a creator makes you realize you can make something else. In art all you need is organization and execution to make something no one has ever seen before and when you bring that mindset to the state it makes you realize you can be more free than you are just because you decide to be. The only thing to stop you is the ideas of another and that’s not worth stopping for especially under white supremacy.

11.) What’s next for you on your creative  journey ?

Bianca: Im gonna continue sharing the work and growing as an artist; I’m even going to begin sharing stop motion works that derive from my  painting practice. I see myself going very far so I’m trying to create a pace that’s good for me. I like to go all out all the time so incorporating rest into my practice is going to be important for longevity.

12.) For those who may not know, where can they follow you and see more of your work ?

Bianca: You can follow me on instagram @biancawalkerart or send an email to biancawalkerinfo@gmail.com to be added to my mailing list to get information on future shows


 “Rubber Packing” 13’x9’, ( house paint on drop cloth black rope and bamboo )