“Do we muse on the sky or remember the sea?” By Phoebe Boswell

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“Phoebe Boswell’s multimedia instillation, “Do we muse on the sky or remember the sea,” features a collection of charcoal and pastel portraits drawn over the course of a month directly onto a wall with a black horizon that expands outside the gallery space. These portraits are accompanied by audio, created in collaboration with “J.D Allen” , featuring bass, saxophone, voices of people responding to the prompts: “What is freedom?” “What does freedom mean to you?” “How will you practice freedom today?” 

Inspired by scholars Boswell investigates bodies of water as archives of black histories— of trade, trafficking, forced migrations, fugitivity, subjugation, and refusal— and also presents them as spaces for community and collective healing, suggesting the possibility of different futures. 

You can view “Do We muse the sky or remember the sea” by Phoebe Boswell at the Contemporary Arts Center , New Orleans through January 23,2022 . ”

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